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Hardstyle Toolbox

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Introducing our new VST/AU plugin with over 1700 amazing built-in sounds to produce modern hardstyle, without the technical knowledge. Compatible with a large range of Digital Audio Workstations on PC and Mac. Release: September 4th, 2020.

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In recent times, Hardstyle and its sub-genres have exploded in popularity. To get that signature “kick” and “intense” sound, the production technique is usually highly complex. The plugins that are traditionally used are ordinarily very expensive and difficult to master. In modern music, we are hearing more and more Hardstyle elements such as the typical screeches, basslines, melodies, stabs, glitches, snares, hats, builds and of course, the climaxes. These elements are becoming ever-present in all genres of music and producers who can’t keep up, will simply be left behind.

This is where the Hardstyle Toolbox VST plugin comes in. Finally, there is a plugin that has removed most of the technical elements of production, while still providing the user with the ability to produce original sounding tracks, again and again.

Our team of highly talented Hardstyle producers have collaborated to design a virtual instrument plugin that is dedicated to these genres. The 1600+ built-in samples and loops are on the same level as the big name Hardstyle producers and DJs. Take these awesome sounds and further produce them within BomDrop, to add your own edge to each sound.

Now anyone can produce insane, stage and radio-ready Hardstyle, all within a single plugin.



  • ARPEGGIATORS; in 150, 155, and 160 BPM
  • BASS; earthshaking bass sounds
  • DRUMS; kicks and heavy distorted drums and loops
  • FX; pre-made instrument and FX sounds, risers and drops
  • LEADS; loads of wide-sounding synth sounds and loops
  • PADS; for epic atmospheres.
  • PERCUSSION; separate kicks, snares and hat sounds
  • SCREECHES; ear-pinching crunching pitch-bends


  • Loop sizes in quarter notes, half bars, full bars, 2 bars, 4+
  • Multiple selections of sound banks spanning 8+ octaves
  • LFO modulation control, ADSR, Glide
  • Tweak reverb, pan, attack, decay, pitch, sustain and more
  • Quality, velocity, voice and grouping adjustments
  • Midi compatibility – use your controller
  • User friendly, self explanatory interface


  • Instant Download
  • For Mac and Windows
  • Runs on a variety of host programs
  • No extensive production skills needed
  • Plug n Play – get started now




CPU: 1.5+ Ghz
RAM: 1+ GB
PC OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Apple OS: Mac OS X 10.5 and above



PC 64-bit | MAC 64-bit .AU | MAC 64-bit .VST






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